Nasal Irrigation

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Nasal irrigation also known as nasal douche is a practice for personal hygiene and to alleviate certain nasal conditions. The process is simple, the nasal cavity is flushed to remove excess mucus produced and foreign objects from the Sinuses and Nasal area.

The history of nasal irrigation can be traced to ancient Hindu practices of Ayurveda. This form of nasal irrigation called jala-net is performed daily as a cleansing ritual, of which Muslims also partake of during abolition.

The benefits of nasal irrigation cannot be over emphasized. This practice is well tolerated by a lot of people with a little side effect experienced.

Advocates of the practice claim with facts that nasal irrigation is good for the sinus and nasal cavity, improving the health of patients suffering from halitosis, sinusitis, runny nose and nasal congestion.

Nasal irrigation is also recommended as an alternative treatment for the symptoms associated with chronic sinuses.

Medical benefits of nasal irrigation

There are many advantages of nasal irrigation in the medical world and they are enumerated below.

Acute respiratory tract infections

A simple nasal irrigation method, such as snorting of water from cupped hands have been proven to provide relieve for respiratory infections. An advanced method of nasal irrigation is the nasal spray, although, it is ineffective for the cleaning of the nasal pathway but very effective for rehydration of the nasal tissues and mucous layer.

Another nasal irrigation method for treating acute respiratory infection is pouring a saline solution (salt water solution) into a nostril, allowing it to flow out the second nostril while the mouth is open for breathing.

Positive pressure nasal irrigation is another method of nasal irrigation. Positive pressure is applied to the water and passed through the sinuses to provide complete cleaning operation. These products can be purchased in pharmacies and are made of plastic bottles with tips that fit perfectly into the nostrils.

Acute sinusitis

Nasal irrigation can be an additional therapy for the treatment of acute sinusitis. It has been researched that it is useful in the alleviation of sinusitis-induced by allergic reactions, brought about by hay fever or the common cold.

Nasal irrigation carried out daily, using saline solution, warmed to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit is advised for adults suffering from symptoms associated with sinus infections. Caution should be taken when performing nasal irrigation processes for infants, they are usually not tolerated by them.

Side effects of nasal irrigation

 All equipment and solutions used for nasal irrigation should be germ-free and sterile to avoid further infections. If this is adhered to, the procedure is relatively safe.

Most side effects are due to unclean materials used for the nasal irrigation process which can lead to brain infections ( which can lead to death), acute sinusitis, ear infections and so on.

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