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A stuffy nose can be very annoying. When you have a stuffy nose, you sound very funny when you talk. Most times when you want to blow even your nose to clear the nasal air passage, nothing comes out. A lot of people think the stuffy nose is caused by excessive mucus in a nasal passage, but the real cause is an inflamed blood vessel in the sinus. Your sinus blood vessels got irritated by cold, flu or allergies, thereby causing a stuffy nose. It can also be caused by the infection of the sinus. Whatever the cause of your stuffy nose, there is always a way out for you.

Stuffy nose is an aftereffect of irritation. This condition is a common problem that almost everybody experiences. It usually occurs many times in a year. Most people disregard stuffy nose when it is moderate, but it can become annoying when it is strong and needs urgent attention.


  • Infection: One way of getting stuffy nose is from being sick. When you have an infection such as a common cold, it always ends up in the stuffy nose. Stuffy nose has become part of life because most adults experienced it about four times in a year.
  • Allergies: Another reason many people get stuffy nose is the allergies that affect people all around the world. Allergies are the result of the inflammatory response of the hormones to foreign objects. Some of the common allergens include; pet hair, pollen, dust and smoke.
  • Abnormal nose structure: abnormalities in nose structure can cause a stuffy nose. This abnormality is very common among people, but they don’t usually notice.
  • Inflamed blood vessels: You will have a stuffy nose if the nose blood vessels become inflamed. This is understood to be vasomotor rhinitis.


  • Take a hot shower: When you take a steaming hot water bath, it can help you to open up your nasal passage and rid you of the stuffy nose. This method will ease the pressure your are feeling when you try it. To take a hot shower, run your shower water to the level of hotness you can stand, get in there and stay for about fifteen minutes. Breath in deeply as many times as possible until your nose is clear.
  • Use Neti pot: Neti pot is an ancient remedy that can help you get rid of stuffy nose. It will help you flush out all the excess mucus in your nasal passage. When using a Neti pot, tilt your head and insert the tip of the pot into your nostril.
  • Apply external heat: The mucus in your stuffy nose will loosen up when you apply external heat. Heat up a heating pad in a microwave for about a minute and put it on your nose until it becomes cool.
  • Eat a balanced diet: to get rid of your stuffy nose, always eat a balanced diet.

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