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Nasal congestion or stuffy nose occurs when tissues in the nose produce mucus or swells. When a new baby with stuffy nose or nasal congestion is breathing, he or she snorts and sounds snuffling. A newborn baby may sound like having a stuffy nose in the first few days of birth because he or she was surrounded by the fluid in the mother womb. They sneeze for a couple of days because; they are trying to get rid of the fluid leftovers in their nasal passage. A newborn baby with the stuffy nose may breathe through the mouth, thereby making it hard for them to feed. A stuffy nose can result in breathing problems in some cases. The sensitive nasal lining of a baby can dry up because of extremely dry air; this may result in nose bleed even if your baby does not have nose injury. The nasal dryness can make it easy for the baby to get a cold. The dryness can most time get worse during winter months when the home heating makes the air in your home dry.


There are many causes of stuffy nose or nasal congestion in babies; the following are parts of the causes;

  • Viral illness like cold
  • Irritants like; cigarette smoke, dust or perfume
  • Dry air


If it is hard for your baby to breathe or feed, take him or her to your baby’s doctor to be sure your baby is not infected. The following remedies will be safe for your child with stuffy nose;

  • Use saline nasal spray: The only safe nasal spray that is safe for the use of children is saline nasal spray. Lay the baby flat on his or her back and slightly tilt the head back (never force the tilting). Spray 2 or 3 drops of saline nasal spray to each nostril. If the baby sneeze parts of it out don’t worry, it will work as long as it reaches the nasal passage. Wipe gently any spray that comes out of the baby nose with a tissue.
  • Steam up your bathroom: try and run hot shower within a few minutes and when the bathroom is steamy, sit with the baby in the room for some minutes. This method will help the mucus in the nostril to loosen up. Don’t do hot shower with your baby, please.
  • Use nasal aspirator: Buy a specially made nasal aspirator for babies. Lay your baby on the back, squeeze the aspirator to get all the air out and insert gently into your baby’s nostril while still squeezing. Release the pressure, bring it out and squeeze out the mucus onto a tissue. Do the same to the second nostril.
  • Run cool air humidifier in your house to keep the air cool.


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