Side Sleeping Knee Pillow Rophi Cushion

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Patented Side Sleeping Knee Pillow Rophi Cushion (Patent Number 2433103), Trialed by UCLAN and Proven to Reduce Back Pain, Leg Sciatica Relief and Help a Slipped Disc. Leg Stocking Helps Stay In Place

Twenty years ago, Robert Lloyd had a terrible accident resultiing in several herniated discs and horrific, life changing back pain that no amount of orthopedic or chiropratic treatment could help. Robert's back pain symptoms were unbearable and his health and general well being deteriorated with this crippling, spinal disc injury. Robert was simply a broken man, unable to work and unable to function the way he once could. One night Robert experienced a dream that simply changed his entire life and the vision born from that dream, set Robert on an enlightining journey of discovery which led to the creation of the Rophi Cushion. In his dream, Robert visualised himself wearing a stocking clad cushion between his knees as he slept in the fetal position. In the dream, Robert awoke and found that his back pain had gone. For two nights, Robert had the same dream and with his mind alive with the vision before him, he commenced with research, development and many clinical trials over 20 years to develop the Rophi cushion into the product it is today. And true to the dream, Robert wore his product with fascinating and undeniable results.

The Rophi Cushion helps heal injury as you rest.

  • Tested and Proven To Work - Three independent medical trials, carried out by the University of Central Lancashire demonstrated that The Rophi Cushion brings about on average 53% less back pain and sciatica intensity, 68% less nights being woken by back pain, 36% improvement in sleep quality and a 62% reduction in back stiffness.
  • Patented Design - Patented in the UK (no. 2343103), USA (no. 6,760,936) and Canada (no. 2,371,564). Patent covers the unique cushion and stocking design, highly technical fibre cushion filling (tested and proven to eliminate knee perspiration) and manufacturing process required to produce the perfect knee side sleeping travel cushion. Also the perfect pregnancy knee pillow!
  •  Perfect Size - Are you sure your current knee/memory foam pillow is the right size? The Rophi Cushion is the optimum size and shape for users - Ergonomic Evaluation of the Rophi Cushion by Dr Kevin Tesh MErgS MIOSH - Ergonomic Adviser to BackCare, the Organisation for Healthy Backs.
  • NHS Approved Product - The Rophi Cushion is an approved NHS Business Services Authority product. Proven to work, this is a real alternative to pain killers for back pain and sciatica.
  • Completely Allergy Free - "Anti-Microbial", "Anti-fungal/bacterial", "Anti-Dust Mite" and "Non-Allergenic" - Tested separately by Wellman International Limited, Cambridge Entomology Centre and Law Laboratories, Birmingham.