About Buy Definition

BUYDEFINITION LIMITED is a Research and Development company and a developer of 'white label’ innovative products for international markets.

Our products and services satisfy a growing demand for great value products at reasonable prices. Our strategy is simple, research current products within the online market place, determine strength's & weaknesses in relation to the product and reverse engineer to make a better product. Our aim is to alleviate customer specific problems with products that are fantastic value and brilliant quality.

We do this better than the competition because we start by understanding what problems existing customers currently experience with the products already in the market place. We then work exclusively with manufacturers to improve the products before pushing the enhanced products to market. 

We have an extremely strong collection of suppliers within China that help us deliver the best quality of products to the market. Relationships are everything to us and we understand that to build the very best business possible, this ethos needs to be at the forefront of our vision at all times.