SOUL PROJEKT Reusable Straws Stainless Steel (Pink) – Telescopic 13cm/23cm Metal Straw with FREE Cleaning Brush & Case – Perfect for Cocktails, Beverages & Iced Tea – Free Cleaning Brush & Travel Case

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  • ♻ UBER LONG STRAW FITTING ALL SIZED TUMBLERS - This STAINLESS STEEL, REUSABLE TELESCOPIC METAL STRAW is the perfect TRAVELLING ACCESSORY and is suitable for 16OZ & 24OZ TUMBLERS and many other drinking glass varieties. The STEEL STRAW is ideal for sipping cocktails, beverages hot or cold and that cooling, refreshing ice tea.
  • ♻ MADE FROM FOOD-GRADE 304 STAINLESS STEEL - This drinking straw is made from the very finest, FOOD-GRADE 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is BPA FREE, PLASTIC FREE and contains NO CONTAMINATES OR TOXINS. Being stainless steel, this telescopic collapsible drinking straw can be SAFELY WASHED IN A DISHWASHER and its practical function will be FREE OF ANY AFTERTASTE, is free from discoloration and it can be REUSED FOR MANY YEARS TO COME - the perfect replacement to 100's of plastic.
  • ♻ STYLISH PORTABLE FLIP-LID CASE (PINK) - The metal straw is accompanied with a sleek and STYLISH FOLDABLE PORTABLE CASE that can easily be carried and is PERFECT FOR STORING IN POCKETS, jackets or handbags. The case not only conveniently houses your TELESCOPIC STRAW, but it will also keep the STRAW SAFE, HYGIENICALLY CLEAN and looking brand new.
  • ♻ FREE PIPE-CLEANING BRUSH - HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS is so important and you want to be confident that your metal drinking straw is kept IN TIP TOP CONDITION and is clean to use. With every purchase, we provide a FREE CLEANING BRUSH that is small enough yet robust enough to thoroughly clean the inside of the metal straw. Furthermore the entire product, drinking straw, pipe cleaner and plastic case can be CONVENIENTLY CLEANSED in a dishwasher.
  • ♻ REUSEABLE DESIGN MEANS ECO FRIENDLY - NEVER USE A PLASTIC STRAW again as this ECO-FRIENDLY TELESCOPIC DRINKING STRAW is the perfect replacement. Plastic and the use of plastic is a GROWING GLOBAL CONCERN and is destroying the delicate eco-systems that our oceans support as well as the amazon rainforest. Switching to metal straws ensures that you are making a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to take action against the use of plastic and its negative impact on the planet.