Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator
Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator

Anti Snoring Devices (8 Pack) Nasal Dilator

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Sleep Apnea Relief and Aids Nasal Congestion | Nose Vents and Snore Stoppers | Dilators - Anti Snoring solution & Sleep Apnea Relief

These Nasal Dilator Snoring Aids have been designed for people like you who are looking for Sleep Apnea Snoring Relief and a lasting Stop Snoring Solution.

Whether it's a Nasal Blockage caused by a Deviated Septum or Nasal Polyps, or you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, with cutting edge design applied, these strong and durable anti snoring aids gently open the nose allowing you to breathe deeper, feel better and sleep better. Stop venting your frustration and find a solution!

Aids with Snoring and Heavy Breathing
Increases Nasal Airflow
Aids with Allergies, Colds and Flu

We supply 8 Nasal Dilators Aids as we believe in providing outstanding value and a product that fits! We really strife to help you with your snoring habits and the perfect snore stopper solution.

Flexi-soft technology that is comfortable yet robust
UK tested and BPA free
8 different sizes for the perfect fit

Deviated Septum

Suffering from a deviated septum can and does cause misery and breathing problems for many people creating lack of sleep. The septum is the cartilage that bridges the nostrils and separates them., hence causing snoring and anti social habits. Snoring happens when the Septum is mishapen or bent causing the nose to misform and the sufferer to snore.

A deviated septum is where this cartilage has collapsed therefore making it much more difficult to breathe through the side of the nose that is damaged.
RuneSol nasal dilators aids can open blocked nasal passages and make it easier to breathe freely therefore helping find a valuable device to your snoring problems and helping you sleep better.


The body’s natural defence against allergens is to flood the body with chemicals that cause the nasal passageway to swell, thus causing nasal congestion and stopping you breathing naturally.

RuneSol Nasal Dilators vents are a drug-free device that when inserted into the nasal passageway they open up the airways to allow you to breathe much better offering you instant relief.

Colds and Flu

We all suffer from a cold or flu at some point which causes your nasal cavities to swell with excess fluid produced in defence by your body creating the perfect snore conditions. This naturally effects your breathing and can stop you getting a good night’s sleep and furthermore, it can create the perfect snoring conditions.

RuneSol Nasal Dilator vents are a great defence against this process as they will allow you to breathe better when inserted into your nose, aiding with the congestion that colds and flu create. Say no more to these conditions and stop that snoring.

  • SNORE STOPPER CURE - Would you love never to snore and give your partner a good night's silent sleep relief? Improve your relationship through quieter sleep? Improve your breathing at night? Our 8 Pack of Nasal Dilators are the perfect anti snoring aids and sleep apnea solution. The Snore Stopper Solution for you. An alternative to nasal spray and sleep spray.
  • UK TESTED 100% BPA FREE - While the other brands claim to be 100% BPA free and Anti Toxins, Our Nasal Dilator Snore Vents have been medically tested by FERA SCIENCE - the UK's leading professionally recognised Government Agency. USA and UK Regulation are not the same. A suitable alternative to nasal strips for sleep apnea relief
  • GUARANTEED TO FIT - 8 pack of various shapes and sizes mean you will find a pair that suit your nose and aid with your snoring. This BUMPER PACK provides great value. We offer more dilators than other brands at an unbeatable price! Can support sleep with a CPAP machine. Anti Snoring Devices that Aid Nasal Congestion, Stuffy Noses, Colds & Flu & act like nasal strips
  • THE MOST COMFORTABLE SNORING DEVICES ON THE MARKET - Made from flexi-soft technology the Nasal Dilators help lift the nasal passage to allow maximum airflow, but are kind to your nose.
  • AMAZING GENUINE FEEDBACK - Please take a look at our genuine reviews. Our customers love our Nasal Dilators. We are delighted to have helped so many people and their partners with their breathing, sleeping, snoring and improving their quality of life!