Soul Projekt Hair Bands 100 Pack 4mm/Excellent Multipurpose Ties (Black), No Metal Tough Elastic Hair Bobbles for Numerous Hair Types/Pigtail, Plaiting, Ponytails & Buns For School, Work or Gym

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  • BRILLIANT VALUE EXTRA-LARGE PACK  – This 100 PACK of hair bobbles is TREMENDOUS VALUE ensuring you will NEVER BE WITHOUT ONE when you most need it. The hair bands/ties can also be suitably and SECURELY STORED in the FREE POUCH that arrives with every purchase. Wear under your Scrunchy for a tighter hold
  • GREAT QUALITY MATERIAL MINUS HAIR TEAR – QUALITY IS EVERYTHING and these hair bands are no exemption to the rule. Using HIGH SCORE ELASTIC, the bands can be overextended around almost ALL HAIR TYPES safeguarding that the hair is KEPT FIRMLY IN PLACE even if you live the most frantic of lives. UNBROKEN ELASTIC MINUS THE METAL CLASP guarantees a TANGLE FREE EXPERIENCE minus the hair ripping. Suitable for use with Hair Clips
  • THICKER THAN THE REST – Manufactured to a THICKNESS OF 4MM, these hair bands can ENDURE ANY AMOUNT OF USE. Thin, medium or thick hair is EFFORTLESSLY ACCOMPLISHED with this hair bobble and they are appropriate for using on PONYTAILS, BRAIDING, PIG TAILS AND BUNS
  • NUMEROUS COLOURS, ALL VARIETIES – We appreciate that one colour doesn’t suit all. This being said, we have provided 5 OF THE MOST COLLECTIVE COLOURS at 4MM THICKNESS and one black band at 8MM THICKNESS for the very densest of hair kinds. Simply browse this listing and you will discover BROWN, RED, BLUE, BLACK AND MULTI-COLOURED hair bobbles
  • GUARANTEED AGREEMENT – Soul Projekt stands by its QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP as we are fully CONFIDENT that each and every bobble has been manufactured to the VERY HIGHEST STANDARDS. We strive to make sure that every CUSTOMER gets the SATISFACTION and product that they rightly deserve and expect. We VALUE OUR CUSTOMERS and if for any reason you are not 100% entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will make it right